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If you’ve been searching for proven      experts to help your practice. Our team has years of experience and proven history to help you grow exponentially. 

We provide cutting edge technologies that improve patients’ clinical outcomes and generates new revenues to the practice.

We started our company to help practices like yours go to the next level and make you extraordinary.

Can you qualify to be extraordinary?

Our Services

Experience Over 50 Years in the
Medical Marketplace

Former Registered Laboratory/X-ray Techologist and Apprentice Pharmacist

Integration of Chiropractic Clinics

  • Generate New Patients
  • Diagnostic Procedures
  • Added Revenues​

Establish Various Business Models

  • Diagnostic Imaging Centers
  • Diagnostic Cardiovascular Centers
  • Sleep Disorder Centers

Buying Medical Equipment

  • Consultation​​

  • ​Negotiations

Medical Billing Services

  • Training Available
  • Complete Assessment of Account Receivables 
  • At Least 96% of Reimbursement of Medical and Commercial Billing

Technology Alerts

  • New Medical Device

  • ​Business Models

Provide DME

  • Credentialing

  • Consultation 

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Listen To What Our Clients Say…

Because It’s Our Clients That Matter Most

Best Experience Ever!

Dr. Domingo

Carlos Quiroga has been a long time business associate and friend of mine. I can say without hesitation that he is extremely reputable and trustworthy. My business dealings with Mr. Quiroga have been straightforward. Mr. Quiroga is someone I always appreciate working with as I get an honest answer that provides me the information I need for my business to succeed. 


Richard F

I am currently President of a medical supply company based in Chicago. I have known Carlos Quiroga
professionally for about 40 years. In this time, I 
consider myself a grateful contributor to his extremely successful
business. I also rank myself, among many like me, 
who have worked and learned from Carlos’s amazing interest

and dedication to the science of the human body. He is the standard by which anyone interested in truth, honesty and, of course, medical science should subscribe.



I have a great respect for Carlos, I have always found him to be extremely professional and very well informed. His commitment to his clients is exceptional and he truly enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.


Charlie M

It was my privilege to work side-by-side with Carlos for several years when we both served on the Executive Teams at Integrative Practice Solutions & Juventix Regenerative Medical Solutions   While the challenges of transforming an emerging brand were significant, Carlos’s gift was an ability to bring a clarity of vision to the organization and leading and inspiring others to make that vision a reality. What’s more, Carlos coupled this with being one of the most no-nonsense, hidden agenda-free executives I have ever encountered. With this rare combination of skills, it is not surprising that Carlos is revered and respected by employees, co-workers, and medical vendors alike. I would highly recommend Carlos to build monetary value and add immediate impact to your clinics P&L, with his extensive ability to build ancillary income within your existing current medical practice.

Answered My Questions.


My name is Star Ryan I own Stars Organic Spa I have had the pleasure and honor meeting and working with Carlos his integrity is a 10 star he is honest and intelligent, and I am blessed to know and have worked with him. He is all about the client.

Prevent Sudden Death and Silent Heart Attacks



QANS provides comprehensive, fully automated 

autonomic testing equipment that is useful for physicians to gauge their patient’s health and uncover 
hidden disease. 


Testing of the autonomic nervous system can identify 
clinical autonomic disorders and uncover major illnesses and hidden diseases such as:

• Sudden Death/Silent Heart Attack • PAD • Hypertension • Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy • Vascular Abnormalities • Orthostatic Hypotension • Syncope




QANS is a valuable tool in diagnosing hidden illnesses and risk. Having the ability to quickly and easily test patients 
and receive immediate comprehensive interpretive reports after the test is invaluable to medical practitioners.  

Assessment takes less than 15 minutes to run a full 
battery of tests including cardiovascular assessment. 


Interpretive reports are generated immediately after 
testing. The reports are easy to read and understand and include additional details and graph options for the 
physician.  QANS incorporates 39 standardized tests that can be customizable  with your own templates. 

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Are You Injecting Cortisone?

  • Easy 2cc injection into large joints - back, knees, shoulders, hips, ankles and elbows.
  • Easy 1cc injection into small joints - fingers, toes, etc.
  • No side effects.
  • Medicare and 3rd party reimburses for 2cc injection as well as a 1cc.
  • ICD-10 Diagnostic codes and EOB's available.

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Are You Looking for Medical Equipment?

We have access to new and re-manufactured medical equipment. The photos on the left are but a few of the Diagnostic Imaging Systems that we can quote and provide, as well as, P.E.T. and P.E.T./CT. and the ANS - Autonomic Nervous System - for Neurology, Cardiology, FP, etc. 

These systems can provide...........

  • New reimbursement revenues and provide diagnostic data
  • New modalities to help grow your business and stay ahead of competition.
  • Marketing and analytics to verify utilization and effectiveness of equipment and reimbursement.

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Mobile Digital X-ray/Fluoroscopy Combination Unit
Hologic Mini-C Arm/Fluroscopy
Non-Surgical Treatment of      Osteoarthritis of the Knee.....
  • Minimally Invasive natural knee injection with Hyaluronic Acid (FDA) approved.
  • Medicare and Insurance supplements reimbursements (United Health, BC/BS, Cigna, etc.
  • Positive clinical outcomes with pain reduction and increased mobility.
  • Light Physical therapy and DME knee brace reimbursement.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Program to............​
  1. Generate new patients and Insurance revenues.
  2. Gain Market presence through cutting edge remote video technology.
  3. Monthly analytics to gauge marketing program in accessing new patient and revenues.

How can we help generate new patients/potential clients to your business or services in a cost-effective manner?
In the non-surgical treatment of Osteoarthritis one of the key components of the clinical protocol is the utilization of a unloading knee brace (please review attached photos) which allows the injected viscosupplementation to flow in to the knee capsule and initiate the reduction of pain and increased mobility.
The Game Changer unloading knee brace has the following features to provide the positive clinical outcome for reduction of pain and increased mobility:
Modern lightweight design less than two (2) pounds, can be worn under pants.
Rubber straps are comfortable to pull, ease of application of brace.
Hinge clip easy to tighten.
Allen key user friendly and easy to tighten for valgus or varus adjustment.
Number system on straps, easy to see and apply.
The Game Changer Unloading knee brace is reimbursable by commercial carriers and if desired DME credentialing is available to bill Medicare and other DME products, (wheel chairs, walkers, etc.)

Why Stem Cells vs. PRP?

  • What is an Off the Shelf Graft?
  • What are Pluripotent Cells?
  • What is an Extracellular Matrix?
  • Why Perform an Endotoxin, Bioburden and Mycoplasma test?

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What is a Bemer?

We are pleased to announce our new partnerships with two incredible athletes and BEMER advocates. Please join us in welcoming Denise Mueller-Korenekand Tyson McGuffin to our ambassador team. 

Phil Mickelson has become one of the greatest golfers of all time by making sure he had access to the latest health and wellness technology to improve his performance - glad to see he's including BEMER - “Perform better with BEMER!”

Almost 74% of all blood vessels in our body are micro-vessels. If stretched out in one continuous path, they would amass more than 74,000 miles.

Compliments the Stem Cells with oxygenation, nutrition and detoxification.

The circulation of our blood is the engine that keeps us going. The heart pumps blood through the main arteries, but it relies on the additional power of the autonomous pumping motion of the micro-vessels. It is these very small vessels that reach the most remote parts of our body.


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Eliminate Chronic Pain and Inflammation
  • Drugs
  • Chemicals
  • Opioids
  • Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, etc.
  • Injections
  • Surgery
  • And other devices that may be complicated to use.
A new photo-therapy skin patch technology is available and non-transdermal where nothing is introduced into the body via the skin patch.

The nano-technology has been available in the community for the past 14 years with clinical double-blind placebo-controlled studies that provide FDA registration, safety and efficacy.

It is a simple to use cost-effective pain relief and eliminator of inflammation.

Don’t Fall For These Myths:

Where are the Stem Cells coming from?

Wharton’s Jelly Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s) obtained from a 9-month old donor are the most potent available. If you are getting Stem Cells from your own body (and you are over 60), science tells us they only have 5% Potency as compared to MSC's.


How many Stem Cells am I getting in my Therapy?


If the provider cannot or will not tell you, then that is an issue. Our Wharton’s Jelly Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s)  provider confirms through an independent lab the quantity of Stem Cells we are buying and in turn, what you will be receiving.

​Can I get a Certificate of Analysis and a clean pathology reports?

Every vial our provider delivers to  us is guaranteed to be clean and free of any blood, HIV, Hepatitis, etc. etc.

Who We Are

Increase Practice Revenues Though Tech & Treatment

If you’ve been searching for proven experts to help your practice. Our team has years of experience and proven history to help you grow exponentially. 

We provide cutting edge technologies that improve patients’ clinical outcomes and generates new revenues to the practice.

We started our company to help businesses like yours go to the next level and make you extraordinary.

Meet Our Incredible Leader:

Passionate And Driven Professional

Carlos J. Quiroga

"I'm part of a group that works with doctors, hospitals, nursing homes. We sell equipment, medical supplies, services like accts. rec. auditing ,compliance formats etc. and chemicals- reagents"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BEMER?

The BEMER utilizes electro-magnetic therapy to increase blood flow to the micro-capillaries in the body to provide oxygen, nutrition, and detoxification on a cell level.

How Does the BEMER accomplish this?


The BEMER is a flat flexible mat that can be used

 on the bed or chair to provide the treatment.

What is the Q-ANS (Autonomic Nervous System)?

​Hidden Risk Testing Device to Prevent Sudden Death and Silent Heart Attacks.

How is the Q-ANS Test performed?


It is a 15-minute procedure that can performed by an MA; utilizing blood pressure cuffs; a finger pulse oximeter; and a 3-lead ECG.

How Do You Treat Osteoarthritis of the Knees without Surgery?

Minimally invasive injection of Hyaluronic Acid

 (HA) all natural viscosupplementation into the

 knee or shoulder.


Stem Cells are undifferentiated, meaning they haven't "decided" what cell to turn into. These cells hold the secret to life. Stem Cells both make and maintain our bodies. When a sperm and egg come together, they create the ultimate Stem Cell. This cell, in turn, undergoes multiple divisions into cells that differentiate to form our bodies and all the organ systems. Once the body is formed, the organs have Stem Cells that allow the body to repair and regenerate damaged tissue.


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